Tips for Snow Removal on a Metal Roof

roof repair torontoNowadays, there are a lot of houses that are built with brick roofs, asphalt roofs, slate roofs or wood roofs; although there are still a number of homes that make use of metal roofs.

If you live in an area where heavy snowfall is expected, you have to do some extra steps to get rid of the snow on the roof. People who are experts in roof repair say that the accumulation of snow on the roof must be prevented at all times by doing roof snow removal occasionally. They have such a good point because if snow accumulates on the roof, ice dams can form and it can retain huge amount of water which can lead to roof leaks.

Here are a few tips when removing snow from a metal roof.

  • Raking the Snow. There are rakes that are specifically made to help individuals get rid of the ice on the roof of their houses.

In snow raking, you can either stand on the roof or just stay on the ground depending on the number of floors your house has.

If you live in a single-floor building, you can buy a snow rake and an extension handle so you could reach the top of your roof without climbing up the ladder.

If you have a house with two or more floors, you might need to go on top of the roof and rake there. You will need to wear spiked boots to do this process.

  • Introduction of Heat under the Metal Roof. Some houses with metal roofs are employing technological set-up like heaters under the roof. Although this needs more money and time for installation, it is a very good and effective method.

There will be pipes under the roof where hot water will flow. Through the process of conduction, the heat will transfer to the metal so that ice will not solidify in its surface and it will just flow to the eavestrough.

  • Gutter Cleaning. When people get rid of snow on the roof, they often forget about the gutter. Eavestrough cleaning is important because this is where melted ice will flow. If gutters are obstructed by thick snow, water can leak inside the house.

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